Additional TV Outlets

Do you need a TV outlet in your bedroom, or somewhere else in your house? We can help. We will check the signals and advise whether it’s possible with the existing system, or if an amplifier or larger aerial is needed before splitting the signal to the other room(s). If you have a Sky TV decoder, and want to be able to watch that in another part of the house (or the whole house), we can set that up too.

Precabling new houses

If you’re building a new house, or adding an extension to an existing one, it’s highly recommended to run all the cabling before the wall linings go on. We can run cables for TV reticulation, home theatre, phones and data. Electricians often offer this service too, however they usually aren’t aware of all the requirements for modern systems, and once the house is finished, you’ve got to make do with what you’ve got – or try to get more cables through; often not possible without cutting holes in the gib.

Precabling for Sky TV

We have seen plenty of installations by Sky technicians over the years that have been unsightly and not to a standard many homeowners would find acceptable.
If you’d like the cabling installed discretely and the Sky tech isn’t able to due to the limitations of their contract, give us a call. As a former Sky installer of many years, our technician is able to neatly run cabling in preparation for the Sky dish and decoder to be installed.