We’re equipped with professional test equipment and the know-how to re-align dishes, install new ones, and re-cable to other rooms. We can supply and/or fit decoders.


Freeview Satellite

If you already have a Sky TV dish (or any other dish) you may be able to use this to receive a Freeview signal. Most new (name brand TVs from around 2017 on) TVs will have a Freeview Satellite system built into them. These TVs can be used to get Freeview if you don't have a UHF aerial, or you aren't in an area where a UHF signal is available. If your TV doesn't work directly with a satellite dish, you can still add a Freeview Satellite box in order to get Freeview. Note: Freeview Satellite is not High Definition.


Dish Alignment & Repairs

We have experience with many of the different dishes around, and know which are affected by various problems, or need non-standard settings to get them working with Freeview. We carry spare parts suitable for more common dishes, and have the right equipment to quickly and accurately align them to get maximum signal - your picture should be stable with no pixellation in all but the most extreme weather.

If you're having problems getting a picture from your dish, or are having pixellation problems book in with our technician to get it fixed.


Dishes in Coastal areas

For coastal areas, we recommend the installation of aluminium satellite dishes. The minimal additional cost is well worth it in the long term, as even high quality steel dishes will rust away in time, and poorly manufactured dishes can fail in as little as 12 months.